When I first tell people about this book, everyone ask the same thing “why”?
There are some variations as in “why on earth would you do that?”, “why would you waste your time on this?” or the ever popular “I don’t understand…”.

As many of you, I was – and still am- mostly bound to my house within the corona pandemic. This resulted in a whole new way of life and the toppling of the work/life balance into one big blob of amorphous life. When all my lego boxes were built, I needed something to occupy my mind.

People that know me personally know I tend to think about the questions behind the questions. I was working on a project on how to cut web-pages up into smaller bits that can be re-used on other pages. This in order to minimize the amount of work that you have to repeat on different pages. So of course my mind went to the question when the written word loses it’s meaning: the individual character.

That’s basically the short of it. For the long version of it, I’ll set up blog posts to better convey my personal and philosophical motives for the creation of this work of art.