Philosophical musings about art and communications

A little background on how my brain works. Apparently, it is not how most other brains function. It makes connections that might not be obvious. It seems it does things that other minds perhaps do not do. That is why, sometimes, it’s difficult for me to communicate my thoughts. To me, it might be very clear but to convey that message, it really difficult.

I love art. It’s that simple. I love conceptual art because it triggers a different way of thinking and interpreting the message or the concept the artist wants to send. So the type of creativity I appreciate are the big ideas that others might find weird or gross or just say “I can do that too”.

So when people think about more traditional art it’s mostly the result of the equation:

Art = time x concept x skill

A great piece of art requires someone to put the time in creating an original concept, using exception skill.

Modern and conceptual art focusses more on the concept.
Craftwork may not have the most original concept, but focusses on skill and time.
Traditional art focusses on the combination of everything.

So for me, the best work of art is skill might not be the most important factor, but the concept is so amazing, that it trumps the lack of other elements of the statement.

In this book I made, It’s mostly concept and time. The skill is yet to be developed by me.

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