Weekly update n° … uhm

So, it’s been a while and I haven’t been updating this. My sincerest apologies. The reasons are legion: I’m extremely busy with renovations, with work, with taking a break and with doing a presentation on digital accessibility (which I aced btw). So the presentation made me think. I’m not the best writer (hence the book) … Read more

Weekly update n° 5

A bit of a slow week this week. Lots of regular work, which is proceeding nicely. But I need to make some time this weekend to edit and move forward on this project. So no real news here. I did come across a reddit thread here that posts smart jokes. Very very funny stuff and … Read more

Weekly update n° 4

A little update for those that want it or those in the future reading on the origins of the project that changed the world of communications. I did a semi-soft launch on Facebook and LinkedIn. It got some likes and a few re-shares from my immediate network but nothing special. I didn’t really expect much … Read more