So what is this thing?

The rearranged book (series?) is a conceptual art piece. It’s made to question the nature of communication and to open up dialogue about art itself.

Practically; it’s just an existing book where the letters are put in alphabetical order within titles and chapters. It was done, very old school, in Excel, with a lot of manual labour and repetitive tasks. The result looks like the way the original book would have looked like, but with a twist.

In short: it’s a book you cannot read, but you can talk about.

Here are some possible questions to be answered:

  1. This is shit. I could have done this! So why didn’t you?
  2. Since all the letters are there but rearranged, is it just the order of the letters that is relevant to the message?
  3. The original book is (still) banned in some places. Will this book be banned as well?
  4. Is this art or just a project of some bored digital communications guy? Why can’t it be both?
  5. I have so many ideas on how to improve this and am so excited! Where can I contact you? (hint: it’s here)
  6. Can I use this in my classroom to open up a dialogue about art with students? Yes please! Buy the work here.