Milestone: as of now available to check out in my local library!

Michel at the library
Another milestone: the book to be checked out at my library.

While we were in the communal library a while ago, my lovely wife suggested that the book could have a place here. So, a little apprehensive I went to the librarian and explained in a minute or two what the book was about. The curious look on her face told me more than even a picture could tell me. But… she directed me to the website and I got into communications with the head of culture of the village.

Long story short: I made a new version with some minor alterations (v1.1.2) and donated it today. We had a lovely little talk about language and about the next steps. So in a week or two the book will be able to be seen by the local community.

In addition, it will be included in the library network and my name will also be among the literary masters.

So if you are one of those local library enthousiasts, feel free to contact me or send me a pic of you holding the book. It would absolutely mean the world to me!!

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