Version 1.1.2 flipped

I’m happy to announce a new version of the rearranged book. It’s the same content as v1.1 but the content in mirrored. Thanks to my wife for inspiring this version. For the moment it’s not yet on sale, but you can download complete content here.

So let’s analyse this for a second. As usual, this version has the same building blocks – the letters – as all the versions most likely will have. It’s actually exactly the same book as v1.1 but I put it through a print mirroring software. That’s the practical side of it.

Going deeper, it is not the content that differs, but the perception or the codec, since it’s even more unreadable than usual. It is only readable through the use of external technology (a mirror) or someone that has a lot of experience in seeing things differently. But I doubt even dr. Strange would find this mirror version a little too strange.

If there is a call for it, I might put it out there for purchase bur for now, only the digital version exists.

Have fun with it!

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