Language as a negating factor

In the context of communication, there are a lot of factors. The most simple equation is the following:

Effective communications = {sender x message x receiver} / context

A significant part of the context is language. You can see it as the codec that we use to convey or ideas to others. So when you remove this as a factor, the whole effectiveness is negated. So what I did with this book is unwillingly remove all codec from the communications attempt.

I chose the English language version to start with. It is the basis of the book project. But if I had chosen mandarin e.g. for most of the western world, it wouldn’t have made a difference if I put the letters in order or not. It would still be incomprehensible, as these words are for a lot of the world that doens’t understand English.

So mathematically speaking, the abscence of the codec does not subtract from the effectiveness, it negates the equation. It’s like dividing by 0: It removes all possibility of effectiveness.

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