The cookie world of Timothy Dexter

Sorry for the Tim Burton-esque title, but the name just lends itself perfectly to this. I wanted to tell you something about this character, partly because he’s interesting, but mostly because he wrote a book too. Mr. Dexter was an excentric businessman who was born in 1747. He was most notable for cornering the market … Read more

Help me get into a museum!

After years of renovations, the local art museum in Antwerp, the KMSKA is reopening. They are displaying new collections of traditional art but are also on the lookout for new and exciting stuff. In order to get some community content, they partnered with the VRT, our local broadcast station, and produced a contest. So you … Read more

Where do we go from here?

For a long time, this website didn’t produce any content. There is a good reason for it: I really didn’t have time. In my personal life I’ve been juggling work, a renovation of our home and some other projects at the same time. So this one kind of fell off the radar. So I’m making … Read more

Weekly update n° … uhm

So, it’s been a while and I haven’t been updating this. My sincerest apologies. The reasons are legion: I’m extremely busy with renovations, with work, with taking a break and with doing a presentation on digital accessibility (which I aced btw). So the presentation made me think. I’m not the best writer (hence the book) … Read more