About the author

Michel Depière Facepalm

“Author” is saying a lot here. You can better describe Michel Depière as the creator or “artist” if you are really bold. He is a strategic digital communicator but doesn’t actually do a lot of writing.

Professionally, Michel Depière has been active as every part in the chain of digital communications. Digital marketing manager, project manager, business owner, process analyst, accessibility and privacy specialist and so on. But strategic thinking has always been part of his agenda: why keep filling the same pothole, when you can build a decent road on top of it.

In his spare time, he likes to visit museums that display the sort of crap that makes people think “Well… I can do that too… ” But you didn’t, didn’t you? No you didn’t. So this is where he drew a line and said “Well, I did do that too!”.

The rearrange book(s) are a project to fuel creativity and produce something other then presentations or reports.

He is available for conversations, presentations, thought shenanigans or other communications and buzzword mumbo jumbo.

To get in touch, please use the contact form, technology will take care of the rest.