The cookie world of Timothy Dexter

Dexter tv series
Not this Dexter pls

Sorry for the Tim Burton-esque title, but the name just lends itself perfectly to this. I wanted to tell you something about this character, partly because he’s interesting, but mostly because he wrote a book too.

Mr. Dexter was an excentric businessman who was born in 1747. He was most notable for cornering the market products that don’t seem profitable in a particular context. His wiki article tells tales of trying to sell bedwarmers in the West Indies. This area is one of the warmest corners or the globe, so to sell something that warms your bed would not have been appreciated. But serendipity provided a way out, as the tools were perfect as a tool in the molasses industry. So he made a nice profit on that.

But relevant for this post: he also made a book “A Pickle for the Knowing Ones“. The content is mostly complaining about people, therefore not that interesting. The amusing thing is that he didn’t use any punctuation. He collected those at the end of the book. This is a bit similar to what I’m doing but not quite.

If anyone knows of works that defy the boundaries of the rules of literature, please let me know!

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