Weekly update n° 5

A bit of a slow week this week. Lots of regular work, which is proceeding nicely. But I need to make some time this weekend to edit and move forward on this project. So no real news here.

I did come across a reddit thread here that posts smart jokes. Very very funny stuff and sometimes it makes you think a little even. Who knew reddit can actually be helpful too.

Guy yells to a stranger across the river, “I need to get to the other side”. Stranger yells back… “You are on the other side”.


Everything is relative. Think about this in communications too. Your point of view might be a lot different from someone else’s.

New idea of the week: damn, no new idea. Maybe something will come up.

Books sold: 0

Mood: a bit tired, but I’m keeping up the health and exercise thingy, which is good.

oh and by the way:

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