Weekly update n° 4

A little update for those that want it or those in the future reading on the origins of the project that changed the world of communications.

The matrix: white rabbit

I did a semi-soft launch on Facebook and LinkedIn. It got some likes and a few re-shares from my immediate network but nothing special. I didn’t really expect much from it so I’m not really disappointed. It would have been nice to have a break out amazingly viral post, but I’m not social enough for that. Today I posted some new marketing material about it on the same channels. Again, not really expecting a big reaction.

On the other hand, I’m learning to talk openly about it, which is nice. It’s very difficult to promote your creation. Much more difficult than I would have thought. A colleague suggested to go to a place where people talk about their art projects. As far as new experiences, maybe I need to embrace that. Talk about following the white rabbit and see how far the rabbit hole goes….

Oh and another colleague casually mentioned that she knows the curator of a pretty well known modern art museum in the area. #lifegoals

New idea of the week: Contact NLP AI people to see if we can do the monkeys creating literature bit with and existing set of characters.

Books sold: 0

Mood: pretty good. Realistic but let’s see where it goes.

oh and by the way:

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