A special message to my colleagues

You inspired me. (no joke) As you know, in the last few months I made the transition from a practical project manager function to the team lead of a bunch of wonderful, talented, smart, quirky and hard-working people. You know who you are. (yes you!) It may not look like it sometimes, but I’m very happy to be a little part of the group.

The new role inspired me to go back to the roots of communications. It took me to a good place where I had the freedom to think about the building blocks of language. The simplest model here is SMRC model: Sender, Message, Receiver, channel. So what happens when we take out the code that makes us understand each other. When we change the smallest block in written communications from a word to a letter, everything changes.

A big fail for me is that I forgot to tell my direct colleagues of this art(sy) project. So my sincere apologies on this.

Next time we meet in person, I’ll be sure to bring a copy and elaborate a little on it.

PS: If you feel like sharing, please do ;D

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