Motivation reason 1: the personal

When working in a digital environment, it is hard to have a feeling that you are actually producing things. Especially when you work mostly in tactics and strategy, you have a general feeling of just producing documents, guidelines, reports etc. Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep a feel for what’s actually done with these things later on. You tend to feel like you are working in a void.

So to break that cycle, it’s important to create something. You have people that have hobbies that fill that need. They make furniture, play with lego, play music, work in the garden or just produce a lot of offspring (joke). Well, I do have Lego sets and I really do love them. The first time you make them, you follow the instructions and beyond that, you’ll fuck around a little and try new things. The end goal is to create something new that you are proud of.

So I created this thing that I’m proud of. It’s not the best thing ever but it’s there. It’s usable. It’s original. And as far as I know, it’s a world first. But please contact me if I’m mistaken!

More motivational posts to come.

If you really want to motivate me… you know what to do…

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