Weekly update n°1: a new hope

Start wars: a new hope book

So here we are. The first edition of the book is on sale. I’ve chosen not to launch publicly yet. First things first: I need a plan. Because without a plan it’s just doing stuff and there is no goal. When I talk with people about strategy, it’s about making the roadmap for where you want to go. Compare it to gunpowder; if you take a bit of it and mix it with some color and string, you get beautiful fireworks. It’s pretty for a second but it really doesn’t go anywhere. But if you plan ahead, put in more, pack it tightly and prepare a little, you can have a rocket that can change the world.

So I’m talking to a bunch of people that know more about it than me. I’ve talked to someone from a government supported organization that supports new artists: cultuurloket He described the book as “conceptual art”. So I guess I am a conceptual artist now, pretty cool. And yes, it’s a bit of a hassle to promote since it’s not really a book to read or something with pretty colors so see. So I’ve got some work there too.

On the other hand, a friend of my wife (you know how you are) told me she knows a lot of work friends who would be totally into this. That made me feel good about it.

In true Bridget Jones fashion; a few stats to keep track of:

New idea of the week: audio book! Pretty fun!

Books sold: 0

Mood: optimistic and excited

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